Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Steps to Saving: Target Red Debit Card

I wrote a series of posts a while back called Baby Steps to Saving...about smalls steps you can take to start saving big money.  I get it there are a million deals and we are all busy people so what are small things that will have a BIG impact on my budget....these are those things.  I thought I would resume the series as we have a lot of new fans (HELLO NEW FANS!!!!).  Below are the links to my previous posts!

So many of my deals are for Target so how would you like to save an additional 5% off your purchase without doing ANYTHING?  Well it is as simple as opening a Target Debit Card...I know I know lots of you are thinking a store card but WAIT read just a little bit further and you will see this is NOT a store charge card.  My friend Monica introduced me to the Target REDCard Debit Card that can be used on all Target in-store (cannot be used online) to save 5% automatically. Even if you don't use coupons this is too simple not to utilize.

A Target Debit Card draws right from your existing checking account, just like writing a check. And if you need extra cash - easy. You can use it to request up to $40 cash back at checkout.   Not a charge card but a debit card (and you were going to use your debit card anyway) to help you save an additional 5%.  After signing up there is nothing to do but wait for your card and then SAVE MONEY.

Go here to sign up online or you can ask a cashier in store to help you sign up!  Easy right?...see we are taking Baby Steps to saving you big bucks.

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