Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Steps to Saving: Samples

I know some of you think saving money and finding deals is too hard, or that it takes too much time (believe me is doesn't have to).  Or maybe you are new to saving money and find it all a little overwhelming.  So we continue our feature called Baby Steps to Saving.

Our first three features:
Ok so this is by far the easiest savings tip of all, if you follow no others this can be a simple step that will at minimum make checking the mailbox a whole lot more fun....and it could save you a whole lot of money.  If you check my website periodically you will see that at minimum I post about one free sample a day.  For the most part I request all of these myself and can tell you that it only takes seconds to fill out the address information.  

Tips to Samples:
1) These offers don't frequently last long so when you see them take a few seconds to go ahead and request it (it may not be there later)
2) Most samples request a email address, I keep a separate e-mail address that I use exclusively for signing up for samples and other offers.  I do this to avoid spam in my general e-mail and also so I don't lose track of valuable e-mails.
3) Frequently the sample request a birth date.  I don't like giving out that much personal information so I typically pick a different birthdate.

The picture at the top of this post are all the samples and offers that I got in the mail in a three day period.

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