Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Walmart: Clothing Clearance Jackpot 5/4

I was having a crummy day for sure and decided to get out of the house to run a few errands.  My routine is the same, go in and get what is on my list.  The only deviations I allow myself is to hit the clearance racks in clothing (both Adult & Children), and the few aisles devoted souly to clearance items at my local Wal-Mart.  I use this strategy when heading into any of the big discount stores.  I am sure not to miss a clearance deal and I only add a few minutes onto my trip.

Here is the BIG LESSON of this post....I had been checking the clearance periodically at my local Walmart and everything was a priced a little high for my liking ($8 for a clearance infant outfit at Walmart is more than I am willing to spend).  I kept checking the same racks each time I was there seeing the same clearance still priced higher than I was willing to pay.  WAITING PAYS OFF because today all clearance children's clothes were marked just $1.  I was able to score tons of outfits for my little girl for next fall, and even bought a few that will be given as parts of Christmas gifts for some little ones in my life.  I also can't forget that I grabbed a cute sweater in the women's department as well.

Here is what I got-
6- 2-Piece Fleece Tunic Sets $1.00 each
1- Infant Fleece Pullover $1.00
1- Infant Zip Up Sweatshirt $1.00
1- Infant Jeans $1.00
1- Women's Cardigan Sweater $1.00
TOTAL: $10.00 Plus Tax

It is funny how my day perked up with this awesome deal!

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