Friday, April 29, 2011

Shopping Trip: 4/29 The Mall

The kiddo and I needed to get out of the house today as we have been cooped up most of the week.  I headed to the mall which can be a dangerous place if you are trying to maintain a budget.  How can you do a little shopping, have a nice afternoon out, and not break the of course.

My Shopping Trip

I used the $10 of $10 coupon that I posted about yesterday.  I scored three pairs of underwear on clearance at $2.95 each.  To get over the $10 mark I added a $1.95 mints.  After my coupon and tax my total was just $0.80.

Victoria's Secret:
It is beneficial to get on mailing lists because often around your birthday you start receiving coupons for free items.  Victoria's Secret sent me a card for $10 off any purchase since my birthday is in May.  I also took my coupon for a free panty with any Pink purchase that I posted about earlier this week.  I picked out a bottle of Pink perfume priced at $10 (it smells so good), and grabbed my free panty.  With my $10 coupon and the free panty coupon (which they allowed me to combine) I paid NOTHING.

Great American Cookies
Well all that shopping can stir up some hunger so I headed over to the Great American Cookies where I scored 6 cookies for fun.  They aren't pictured because I might have eat all the cookies before I got home. 

My Total Outing Cost: $.80

Haha, you can now say you have seen my underwear

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