Friday, April 1, 2011

Shopping Trip 4/1: Everything FREE

Ok so you know I have been on a road trip the last few days so my wonderful, and amazing BF Dawn took both her and my coupons to Walmart and scored all you see above for FREE!!!!!  I couldn't believe it but the Finish is originally $9.47 each.  The Renuzits are $.96.  That means we got $64.66 worth of stuff for FREE!!!!!!!

You can still score both of these deals though the Finish deal is only good through tomorrow b/c the Big Lot ad you need to use for the price match is good through Saturday. 

Renuzit Deal
Finish Price Match


  1. Okay, how does the price match thing at Walmart work? Do you have to go to customer service after you have purchased your items and get an adjustment, before you buy your items, or can a cashier at a normal check-out lane take care of it?

    Also, since you are out of town you should take advantage and hit up some non-test market Walgreen's deals. :)

  2. So true I should hit up Walgreens while I am in Phoenix.

    The cashier can take care of the price match right at the register....I am thinking I am going to be using this price match on day after Thanksgiving shopping!