Thursday, November 15, 2012

24 Days of Christmas Reading

I am so excited for Christmas this year.  My daughter is two and is finally starting to understand what Christmas is all about.  I have found tons of cute ideas on Pinterest for things I want to do with her throughout the holiday season.  We try to read every night before Hadley goes to bed so when I found this cute idea from Simply Designing to wrap 24 Christmas books and let your child unwrap one each night I was super excited.  But wait where do you get 24 Christmas books...especially when you are frugal (i.e. cheap) like I am?
Well, Ashley from Simply Designing had the great idea to check some out from the library to supplement the handful she found in her own home.  When I rounded up all of my books that I already owned there were 8, a far cry from the 24 needed.  I wanted to make this a yearly tradition so I knew I wanted to own enough books to cover the 24 days.  Here are a handful of the places that I found my Christmas books at a great price.
1.  Target Dollar Section:  I was able to grab a copy of the Nutcracker and The Night Before Christmas, and two Rudolph Helps Santa Books for just $1 in the Dollar Section. 
2.  Garage Sales:  I had pinned this Christmas book idea on Pinterest this summer so I have been picking up a Christmas book here or there throughout the fall. 
3.  Savers Thrift Store:  This is where I found my biggest haul of Christmas books at the lowest prices.  Children's books are $.69 each at Savers and they are buy 4 get 1 FREE meaning I was able to buy 10 Christmas books for $5.52 + tax.  It was so nice because they had all the Christmas books in their own section.  Go here to locate your closest Savers store. 
I did decide on Christmas Eve that I wanted to do something a little bigger than an book.  So I scored my daughter a pair of Christmas Pajamas at Walmart for $5.97.  Anyone who knows my daughter know she is a HUGE Mickey Mouse fan so I searched Amazon and was able to find Mickey Mouse's Christmas Carol for just $9.99 (it actually includes several cartoons, not just the Christmas Carol)
Disney Animation Collection 7: Mickey's Christmas Carol
here are some other favorite Chrismtas movies you can grab from Amazon.  Don't forget to score FREE 2-day shipping when you sign up for your free month trial of Amazon Prime. 

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