Friday, August 3, 2012

$250 in FREE Gifts from Enfamil

Do you have a baby on the way (cough, Sister-in-law Shannon)?  Then you will want to score this HOT deal from Enfamil.  I personally got this deal myself when I had my daughter so I can attest to how great it it.  You will get $250 worth of gifts from Enfamil for FREE.  First you will get a postcard inviting you to sign up online, then free formula (even if you nurse it is ALWAYS a good idea to have some formula on hand just in case), and then you will receive your free bag in the mail.

To grab this deal:
- Sign up with Everyday Family
-Click box to receive $250 in gifts from Enfamil
-Skip all other offers by clicking skip
-You MUST confirm your email to finalize everything

What does your gift set include?
- Reusable tote
-Bottle Cooler
-Coupon Clutch
-Formula Samples (they are a pretty generous size)

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