Saturday, April 14, 2012

FREE Meal Planning Service for LIFE!!!

I hate figuring out what to make for dinner, and I hate even more when I ask for suggestions and all I get is the response "whatever." I love this new program from Food On The Table that creates meal plans that are healthy AND save you money. Unlike some other meal planning sites I have been on Food On The Table creates kid friendly meal plans. The best part is when you are done meal planning it will give you a printable grocery list, or send your grocery list to your smart phone. 
Right now you can get FREE Meal Planning for is how!
1) Go here and enter your email address (don't log-in using Facebook) and enter promo code
2) Choose your local grocery store from the list
3) You will choose your food preferences (allergies, and what kind of foods you do an don't like)
4) They will provide you with a list of items on sale at your local store along with a list of accompanying recipes. Just choose the recipes your a most in the mood for
5) Print your grocery list or send it to your smart phone

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