Wednesday, March 7, 2012

UPS My Choice: Get a heads up when the goodies online are on their way

I shop frequently online because lots of the HOT deals can be found in cyberspace and not always in the stores, but it can get frustrating to track packages...and even worse if I have to track a package so that I am home if it requires a signature. 

Introducing my newest, and most favorite thing...UPS My Choice.  Sign up for UPS My Choice through this link and every time you have a package on its way to your house you will get notification via e-mail OR text message.  Just the other day I got notification on my phone that I had a package coming my way and it was scheduled to be delivered Thursday.  What if I wasn't going to be home, well that is no problem b/c straight from the link you can schedule the shipment to be delivered a different day.  I can't tell you how handy this has been.  After the initial sign up for UPS My Choice you do nothing except sit back and wait for notification that your packages are on there way.

Sign up for UPS My Choice NOW believe me you will thank me!

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