Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free $55 Credit to Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is a service specializing in same-day hotel room reservations for up to 70% off in Las Vegas, NY, SF, LA, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix-Scottsdale, San Diego, Orlando, New Orleans, Anaheim, DC and Airports (ORD, DIA, LGA, JFK, SFO, LAX).

Right now Hotel Tonight is offering a $55 credit when you download Hotel Tonight for the iPhone/ iPod Touch.  That is enough to certainly grab one free night at a hotel!

Here is what you need to do to grab your credit:
  1. Download Hotel Tonight for iPhone / iPod touch (it's free)
  2. register a new account and enter code "NEW25" for a $25 credit
  3. enter code "GETHT" for a $15 credit
  4. enter code "HTFAN" for a $10 credit
  5.  enter code "HTFB5" for a $5 credit

1 comment:

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