Friday, June 3, 2011

Proof You Can Save On Everything: Fashion

(Excuse the baby toys in the pic...and yes you get a headless pic.  I've been doing lawn work all evening and am a mess)

I love a good deal and it doesn't matter what it is groceries, household items, but I especially love getting a good deal on the FUN stuff.  I get an extra thrill when I get a great deal on home decor and fashion.

The fact of the matter is that 90% of the time I am in a t-shirt and sweatpants or is my stay at home mom uniform.  I still love fashion though and clothes in general...I love my closet and looking at all the fashionable dresses and clothes I used to wear pre-mommyhood.  I still long for pretty things to wear but sometimes it doesn't seem logical to pay big bucks for a dress that might get worn a few times a year.

(A comfy top for just $.74...and paired with my free skinny jeans from Target)

As the title of this post implies I believe you can save on anything and clothes is a BIG one.  I always buy out of season and I always buy off the clearance racks.  A good example of doing this is with the Target clothing coupons.  Periodically Target releases clothing coupons on their website.  These are my favorite of the Target coupons because I use them to score cheap or free clothing.  Earlier this year I was able to score several pairs of jeans when Target released a $5 denim coupon.  I was able to pair the coupon with clearance jeans priced at $5.00 to score FREE jeans. Well Target was handing out the deals again when they release a $3 off Mossimo apparel coupon a few weeks ago (no longer available).  Tonight I popped into Target and on my way to check out I quickly looked through the clearance racks.  I was able to find a cute tan dress for just $6.98, and after my $3.00 Mossimo coupon it was just $3.98 (originally $29.99).  I also scored a top priced at just $3.74, after coupon it was just $.74

TOTAL for dress & top: $4.72...Proof You Can Save On Everything

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