Monday, June 27, 2011

Fan Thank You Giveaway...Time to Pamper Yourself

We have reached 600 FB Fans, and that means time for a giveaway!  I love writing my little website and love hearing from my renters.  I want to Thank You for supporting Nearly Free Stuff!

One winner will get the following items:
Click to view a larger picture
Pearl Cluster Earrings in Tropical Blue, these beautiful earrings are handmade by artisans in Thailand.  They are gorgeous!
Metallic Red
Jamberry Nail Shiels (it is like nail polish sheets that stick to your nail) in Metallic Red

2 slap watches.  These were just too cute for me to pass up today!  You will be able to choose your colors

The ways to enter are endless:
Please remember for each entry to leave your name and email address so I can contact you if you win
1) Get an entry for following us on the website (in the bottom right corner of the page)
2) Get an entry for being a Facebook Fan
3) Suggest Nearly Free Stuff to friends on Facebook (refer to picture below), for each friend that becomes a fan counts as an additional entry. Example of an entry for referring a friend: "Jane Doe and I referred facebook book fan John Smith". Leave a separate comment for each fan you referred

Contest Ends July 15th at 11:59CST


  1. I'm a friend on fb and my email address is! Does that count for 2 entries? Congrats on 600 followers! Blessings, Tammy T.

  2. Sorry meant to say and I follow you on here to so does that make 2 entries? thanks, Tammy T

  3. wanting to enter the contest!! Love saving money for my family, thank you for all your help!

  4. I am a FB fan of this awesome blog!

  5. I follow this website! Thanks for all of the great deals!

  6. CONGRATS!! :)

  7. I am a fan of your facebook page! Thanks!

  8. I'm a fan on facebook, I follow you on blogspot (here) and I suggested you to Breanna Barrier, Amalia Zweerink, Adrianna Hoyt and Piper Hoskins. My email is
    -Christina Coplan (sorry for the funny address up top, I can NOT make it cooperate with my blogspot account for some reason!

  9. Following you via GFC as astroqueen67 Holly Hennessy Swint on FB

  10. Like you on FB Holly Hennessy Swint on FB

  11. Shared this giveaway on FB Holly Hennessy Swint on FB

  12. I follow your blog and am a fan of your FB page. Congrats on finally reaching 600 FB fans!! :)
    Michelle Candler

  13. I follow your blog & am a facebook fan. My email is Thanks! Mindi