Saturday, May 28, 2011

Proof You Can Save on Everything: Home Decor

Reclaimed French Floorboard Coffee Tables
(Restoration Hardware Version)

A couple of months ago I wrote a quick post titled "Proof you can save on everything."  I believe that you can save on EVERYTHING and never pay retail if you do a little looking around (and sometimes have a little patience).  I wrote about my stylish friend Jacob wanting to splurge and buy his infant daughter some designer shoes that retail around $50 (that is insane for baby shoes).  Not more than a few days later one of the daily deal sites had a sale on the very same designer brand of infant shoes for $17, a huge savings off the regular price....proof that you can save on everything.

He we go again...another instance of proof you can save on everything.

Some of my favorite home stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware can send me swooning  with their beautiful decor but I have major sticker shock any time I look at their price tags.  Look at these two coffee tables (at the top of the page), one retails for $1695 the other $1195.  That price is WAY out of my budget.  So I started scouring the Internet and stores for a similar coffee table.  Stores like Target and other mass retails often sell items very similar to those that you see at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. 

Here are my budget friendly versions at a fraction of the cost...they look pretty similar don't they

This Retails for just $449 vs the $1695 for the Restoration Hardware version (the color appears much lighter in person.  It is closer to the originals stain finish
Pinecrest Natural Pine Cocktail Table
This retails for just $220 compared to the Restoration Hardware version at $1195

Proof you can save on everything, and still have a stylish home. 

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