Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Walmart: Iron Man Matchbox Cars Moneymaker

Eeeek, I'm having a coupon freak out.  I hear Iron Man Matchbox Style cars are at Walmart just  for just $1.97, use the $3/1 Iron Man coupon (online) or from the 4/10 Playsaver and you can score these for FREE plus overage.  Think ahead, wouldn't these be great stocking stuffers.

Iron Man 2 Matchbox Style Cars, $1.97
$3/1  ANY Hasbro Iron Man 2 Toy or 4/10 PlaySaver Insert
FREE plus $1.03 Overage!


  1. The coupon is for Hasbro product. These are Matchbox which is a part of Mattel. So the Coupon is no good for these items. If you get em past the checker then alright but if they look into it they have the right to deny it.

  2. wal-mart said the coupon would only work for a $3.00 and up product. doesn't say that on the coupon, but the customer service manager said that's what came up on their end.

  3. But the packaging does clearly say Hasbro on it

  4. I printed 2 of these and went to Walmart tonigh in Burlington, NC. We had one of the cars for $1.97 & my son wanted one of the triangle light things for $3.50. We knew the coupon was good on the triangle thing but the car package was a different brand other than Hasbro. I don't know if the machine beeped when she scanned it but she looked at the coupon and looked at the item and scanned it again and it took off the $3.00. We ended up getting back $0.11. I think she just saw that it said Iron Man 2 toy. Guess I went through the right line! Thanks for the post!