Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free Toothbrushes, Floss and Mouthwash

I was bummed about the Counterfeit Listerine coupon the other day....but it looks like the coupons gods have shined down on us because a new one has appeared from the very legit  Here are the free goods you can score. 

MORE great coupons! If you did not get the $1 off Reach floss one yesterday it was still there a minute ago!
Plus, there are 2 more good ones! Print them quick!

CVS has the Oral Health deals going this week and you can score the following FREE:
Buy 2 Reach Total Care toothbrush – $1.00
Use 1  $2 off ANY two Reach toothbrushes printable
Total: both FREE

Buy Listerine Mouth Wash 250 mL – $1.00
Use $1 off ANY Listerine mouth wash printable
Total: FREE

Buy 1 Reach Floss $.88
Use $1 off any Reach Floss printable
Total: Free + $.12 overage!


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  2. Quick question... did you go to CVS and see the price of the reach toothbrushes? I looked on this weeks CVS flyer and they didn't have an ad for reach toothbrushes...

    Love your site!

  3. I found it in the ad under the $5/5 with the Listerine and Floss (the toothbrush isn't in the picture, but it did list it in the fine print)

  4. The coupon fine print says that it has to be 1L or more on the Listerine.. but your deal match-up says to buy the 250mL.

    Did I miss something?

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  7. Also, if you print out 2 of the Listerine coupons and want 2 more, go here:

    Sign up and you can print it off twice more! And if you have multiple computers, it adds up fast.

    I did notice that ONE of the Listine's it lists does *not* have a size limit:

    Any Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash.

    So if that one in the 250ml size is $1, then all go!

  8. That is interesting about the 1L vs 250ml, b/c my coupon printed with the a minimum size of 250ml...hmmm?

  9. Really?? Where did you get your coupon?

  10. I print the one in the posting...I'm wondering if they changed it?

  11. The "fake" listerine coupon wasn't fake at all. Somebody copied that specific one and the coupon people decided to be dumb and say they were all fake. They actually removed the posting from their site that claimed it was a fake. Misunderstanding!