Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walmart: Price Matching

I have known for a while that Walmart does price matching but had never tried it.  Really up until last week when they changed their coupon policy I did the majority of my shopping at Target. Most of the time my Target transactions go smoothly but I still run into the fussy cashier occasionally (or a Coupon Nazi as I like to call them).  Now with Walmart's overage on coupons and price matching it is so much easier to shop there. 

Last night I grabbed the CVS ad and headed to Walmart.  Last week CVS had advertised 2/$4 Dove Deodorants.  Some of you were lucky enough to grab men's deodorant at this price and were able to combine it with the $2/1 coupon for FREE deodorant.  At my local CVS the men's deodorant wasn't included in the deal.  I took my add to Walmart and was able to score the same deal.  I thought there would be a lot of fuss to do the price match and would require a managers approval....but to my surprise it didn't.  The transaction was very smooth and actually worked out to my benefit b/c the deodorant I picked up at Walmart came with a sample of Men's Body Wash with it. 

I will certainly be taking advantage of price match know when this would be REALLY handy?  Day after Thanksgiving Sales.  Don't jump from store to store just take all your ads to Walmart!  Awesome right?

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