Monday, March 14, 2011

My Survey: Make Money Taking Surveys

I know survey sites seem so intriguing but I have to admit that I am leery of a lot of them, are they just scams to get my personal information and then inundate my inbox with spam.  While survey sites aren't going to replace a regular job they can provide you with a little extra money if you get signed up with reputable ones.  Many pay out in cash, while other give you gift cards or PayPal payments.

I have signed up for a few and once a week I will go through my e-mails and answer any surveys that might have popped up.  I would recommend setting up an e-mail account devoted just to your Survey e-mails that way your general email inbox won't get overloaded.

My Survey is one of the reputable sites where you redeem points for cash, prizes or charity donations. 
Click Here to get started.

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