Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Veet: 10 Free Credits

Head on over here to create an account with Veer and you’ll receive 10 FREE credits in your account (this may take a few minutes to show up)! Even sweeter, you can use these credits to buy merchandise, fonts, images, and more! You can also use your credits to pay for shipping – which only costs 3 credits.

Right now all the mechandise items under 10 credits are sold out...but your credit is good for a month and you can check back soon to hopefully score a free item.  You can also use this to score free fonts or images.  This would be great if you are an artist or graphic designer.  Just like with the online deal sites it is a good idea to jump on signing up and getting your credit even if you aren't going to buy something right then...you can save your credit until the perfect time comes along.  I will let you know when the mechandise items come back in stock. 

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