Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Target: $2.56 for both Van de Kamps Fish and Birdseye Steamfresh item

There is a new coupon available for $2 off when you buy both Van de Kamp or Mrs Pauls and a Birdseye Steamfresh item.  I think the coupon will reduce the cost of the Birdseye item as it says “up to $2 on Birdseye” so basically buy the seafood and get the veg for free.
I noticed this weekend that Target has the boxes of Van de Kamp on sale for $3.56 at my store.  Birdseye Veggies are priced between $1.00-1.69.  So you could get both items for as low as $2.56 depending on how the coupon is credited.  The worst case would be $3.56 for both items.  This will make for some cheap meals. 

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