Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Walgreens for Newbies

Walgreens can be difficult to pick up at first, but quickly you can get the hang of it once you understand how it works you can be walking out of Walgreens with bags of products for very little money.  It is so easy to make mistakes in the beginning and not maximize your savings, but once you have it figured out Walgreen will become one of your favorite places to bargain shop. 

Register Rewards
These are coupons that are printed out of a Catalina machine (the same ones used at grocery stores when coupons print out at the end of the transaction along with your receipt).  Rapid Rewards will print at the end of your transaction when you make a qualifying purchase.  Register Rewards (or RRs) are coupons that can be used like cash on your next order.

How to get RRs?
Buy the exact items advertised to receive RR.  Sometimes you only need to buy one item, other times RR are awarded for buying a certain number of products.

If you complete more than one register rewards deal in one transaction, one reward for each different RR deal should print.  NOTE:  You will not receive more than one RR for the same deal.   

If you purchases the right items and didn't get RR, you can return the items on the spot or call the Catalina company @ 888-322-3814.  Have your receipt in front of you, they need some info from it.  They will be able to see if the machine was working properly and if you bought the right products.  If there was an error they will send you the RR, but it can take 6-8wks.

Can I use a Register Reward to buy the same item again?
NO!!!!  If you go into the store and buy an items that make a RR print and then try to use that specific RR again to buy the same items, another Register Rewards will not print.  This is how Walgreens tries to limit the number of deals per person

If you live in a promotional area (Kansas City is one of those areas) that uses Walgreens cards, there is a limit to the number of times you can purchase a certain deal and get Register Rewards.  Since they are now able to track what you purchases, RR will not print if you have purchased the same deal previously (sometimes you can purchase the deal more than once it varies by promotion).

Example:  You get $3 RR for purchasing Kelloggs cereal.  If you use an RR from the Kellogg's to purchase more Kellogg's items, you will NOT get another RR. 

How can I use Register Rewards?
You can use your RR like cash on your next purchase, BUT there are exceptions.

Most RRs explicitly say they can not be used on tobacco, alcohol, tax, lottery tickets, money orders, stamps, dairy, gift cards or pre-paid cards. 

You cannot use more RRs and manufacturer coupons that number of items you are buying.  Generally you are allowed to stack coupons at Walgreens (use a manufacturers and store coupon on the same item).  Example: You are buying a box of Cheerios and have a $.75/1 coupon, to be able to use 2 coupons (the $.75/1 and a RR) you will need to purchase 2 items (remember the number of coupons cannot exceed the number of the items you are buying).  To get around this buy a small filler item (something low in cost that will increase the number of items you are buying to the number of coupons you are using). 

How can I use coupons?
If you are using a manufacturer's coupon and a Walgreens coupon on the same item (b/c you are allowed to use a store and manufacturer's coupon on the same item, this is called stacking) and hoping for overage towards your other items, give the manufacturer's coupon first.  A manufacturer's coupon will be rejected by the register if it is over the cost of the item, but a Walgreens coupon will go through. 

Walgreens computers are programmed to not accept coupons for an item if the coupon is over the price of the item.  To help reduce problems use coupons in this order when checking out.

Any $/$$ (like $5 off $20 purchase)
Register Rewards
B1G1 Manufacturer Coupons
Other Manufacturer Coupons
Then Store Coupons

Incorrect Order
Deodorant $1.99
-$1 in-ad coupons (Walgreens Coupon
= $.99
- $1 manufacturer's coupon- will beep and register will not accept it b/c coupon is over $.99

but if you give the cashier the manufacturer's coupon 1st...
Deodorant $1.99
- $1 manufacturer's coupon
-$1 in-ad coupon (Walgreens Coupon)- will not beep
=-$.01 this can be used toward other items in your transaction (you can not end with a negative balance so you will need to buy another item

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